About us


“Our dream was to create a brand from scratch and now our dream came true.”

We are Blissker and we are proud. A group of young, fashion addicted people who focus on innovative textiles. Something the fashion world is missing is the bravery that drives us to do something different. We wanted to free ourselves from the conventional and so BLISSKER was born!

With our unique technology to print on textiles which is internationally patented by our shareholder, we are able to light up our customers. Light up our customers you ask? Yes, you’ve got it right! We have created something special …let’s say magical.

The filigree prints are able to reflect light in all shapes and colors and transform hoodies, shirts, trousers and skirts into peerless eye-catchers without being obtrusive. But we are more than that!

Blissker is a Premium Streetwear Label for style-conscious women and men.

Clean and sophisticated cuts, intricate designs, high-quality material mixes, and innovative technology are part of the collection which give each garment a BLIS(S)tering and unique character. BLISSKER redefines the use and effect of reflection and sets a new trend in the world of fashion!

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